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Return to the river: photographing a global faraway from current civilization in Indonesia

Return to the river: photographing a global faraway from current civilization in Indonesia.

Photographer Rarindra Prakarsa has been shooting the people with his camera of west java, a province of Indonesia, considering the fact that 2007. 
The rural network lives worlds away from current civilization, wherein youngsters are stuck at the back of smartphones. He stated: “their life is simple. Children cross-play and observe. Mums pass washing by the river, even as guys primarily do their paintings in paddy area, a few different selling culmination, and some other gathering sands from the river for constructing material.
“smartphones have encouraged children to be greater passive and they turn out to be doing extra indoor activities.
“I still do not forget when I first got here to the river eight years ago, I found children swimming and leaping and washing their bicycles there.
“but now there are fewer and fewer children. What I like now are tremendous rubber tree fields in which locals and children always grasp out and play.
“it’s a totally easy and nonviolent location and human beings are also first-rate and very welcoming. Ravindra, from Jakarta, has been a photographer for 25 years. Speak approximately the time he has spent capturing inside the area, he stated: “I’d see generations of kids but, some years once I take images of them, they're now not youngsters. They turn out to be teens and a few even paintings.
“The key to getting these photos of youngsters is lights. You want to come at the right time in which the sun has just come up early morning. I usually come even before the sun rises.
“The manner we see the light and course of light is the most vital element to get a cinematic look.
“I like rural lifestyles. I love tradition and historical places. I really like to satisfy distinct humans and see how they live.”

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